Reap what we’ve sewn…

Greyhounds are known for being mild-mannered, mellow, even lazy.  A common nickname for greys is the “40-mile an hour couch potato.”  And I will attest that Romeo LOVES his couch.

So, Romey’s occasional penchant for devouring a stuffed animal (or actually de-stuffing it) came as a surprise.  Normally, he’s happy tossing one about for a minute or two, grinning at me with glee and then plopping down on the floor in his sphinx pose.  But every now and then, if he finds a “stuffie” with a loose seam, he’ll jam his pointy nose in and start pulling out the stuffing with great glee.  Once he’s gotten a taste, he’s not satisfied until it’s completely deflated and he’s surrounded by white puffs.

Thankfully we’ve weeded out the poorly sewn toys awhile back.  Here’s to strong seams and greys with short attention spans!


About romeysmom

I became "mom" to a handsome greyhound in September 2007. We've both changed each other's lives in ways expected...and not. Life with my co-dependent grey is always an adventure!
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