Reap what we’ve sewn…

Greyhounds are known for being mild-mannered, mellow, even lazy.  A common nickname for greys is the “40-mile an hour couch potato.”  And I will attest that Romeo LOVES his couch.

So, Romey’s occasional penchant for devouring a stuffed animal (or actually de-stuffing it) came as a surprise.  Normally, he’s happy tossing one about for a minute or two, grinning at me with glee and then plopping down on the floor in his sphinx pose.  But every now and then, if he finds a “stuffie” with a loose seam, he’ll jam his pointy nose in and start pulling out the stuffing with great glee.  Once he’s gotten a taste, he’s not satisfied until it’s completely deflated and he’s surrounded by white puffs.

Thankfully we’ve weeded out the poorly sewn toys awhile back.  Here’s to strong seams and greys with short attention spans!

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Our Beginning…Blogwise

Romey excels at taking long naps, pillow preferred.

Romeo is a 5 1/2 year old dark brindle greyhound, happily retired from the racetrack.  He lives with three cats (also rescues) and they all tolerate each other…well, most of the time.  As a rescue, Romeo has his quirks, most small, some large, but is the best dog-friend a single girl like me could want.

Romey (his nickname) is a working dog still, of sorts, and is an office dog/greeter/mascot.  He loves the job, especially the long naps that it normally entails.  Romey and I lived on Catalina Island for 2 and a half years and have recently moved to the mainland or as I prefer to call it, the Land of Plenty, in the Santa Barbara area.  And in our new home he continues his role as Office Dog Extraordinaire.

Romey and I get questions about greyhounds (aka: greys) every time we’re out in public.  There’s lots of confusion and questions about what they’re like as pets and we’re happy to oblige.  Hey…we hope that maybe someone will want to adopt one after meeting him and hearing about what great dogs they are.

So, we thought we’d share our adventures with whomever cares to read them.  Boats, cats, alpacas, horses and more.  And we’ll share about the history of greyhounds as a breed, what happens to them on the track and how they adapt to life as adored and spoiled pets.

So stay tuned for …more Adventures with a Greyhound!

Stacey & Romeo

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